What Kind of Friends Are We?


Outside traditional written mail, there used to be only a few ways to reach out to those in your life: call them or meet them face-to-face. Today, (for me anyway) it seems like the story is a little more complicated. We have essentially created a hierarchy of social communication which we seem to also correlate to how critical that persons role is / or you want them to be within your own life. 

When I step back and look at the ways I communicate, it seems that there is no clear default form and this leads us to constantly evaluate what the best means of communication should be given the person on the other side. You figure it really shouldn’t be this complicated, and surprisingly it really doesn’t feel like it is… it’s now just a normal part of our everyday lives.

For me, each plateau within the hierarchy below seems to correlate with a certain level of friendship. And if you think this is weird, ask yourself if you have ever over analyzed the way someone has contacted you…“she texted me”, “she added me as a friend” and heaven forbid “she called me”… these aren’t only different forms of communication, but they have different levels of relationship associated with them. image