Flickr: Clever use of hover

For a while now I have been appreciating the 2010 UX update to Flickr’s photo viewing experience. Not only does it provide larger image viewing, a light box, an action menu and a structured navigation model (aided by subtle, yet much appreciated keyboard shortcuts); however, I especially enjoy the “photo story” control.

This control exposes metadata such as: contact information, date, camera, lens, views, comments, favourited, galleries included, and most notably the geo-location data for the image.


The reason I really enjoy this experience is the smart use of hover input over the map surface. When the map is idle and the cursor is not hovering over the map, the map shows the images location at a continent level view. As the cursor moves over the map and toward the center, the map changes from continent > country > city (vise versa). The one downer is that this doesn’t work on my touch pc, since touch != hover.

Experience it here:
Learn more @ blog.Flickr photo